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Integration with mail chimp and webflow form not working

Hello Intelligent Webflow users . . .
My integration with webflow and mailchimp is not working. I am redirected to Mailchimps form (which i dont want to use) after submitting. ref:

how to resolve the issue.

Note: I dont have this issue in

If the form action is set, then the form will post to that page instead of using Webflow’s default form handling.

yes, form action is set.

But i dont understand how it is working for and not for www.ambermobility/stayinloop.?

Try changing the target’s protocol from http:// to https:// (just add an “s”)

As well as setting the METHOD to GET instead.

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"… "
can you please elaborate?

I have set method =Get

Apparently, the form action for both sites is also different.

i changed form action :


after submitting i got this :
404 error page

Also, error while submiting form from

Is this something related to Redirect -

How are the form action different for both the hostings?

@samliew . . .thanks

I decided to post this here since it is a similar issue.

I am trying to integrate MailChimp with a homepage form on my website and it doesn’t seem to be working. I followed all the instructions in the article:

If you look on my site homepage now, you will see two forms. The 3-field form on top is set to absolute position, so it doesn’t look like the form fields are in the form wrapper, so I made a second form (2-field form on the bottom) to test it out. I heard that a possible issue is the fields being in the form wrapper. But it still doesn’t work. I get the “Oops!!” error message.

I tried adding the S in https and switching between actions POST and GET and still nothing.

Here is the preview link to my site: image

Let me know if anyone here can help. Thanks!

Sharing for anyone who comes across this thread and cannot find a solution–

I followed Webflow’s official MailChimp tutorial and faced the same “there was a problem” error screen issue over and over.

My solution was stupid and straightforward: I stopped entering generic email “”, which MailChimp appears to reject, and instead used my personal email. It worked right away.


Thanks for that!! Thought I was going crazy