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MailChimp signup form not working

Hi Everyone,

I have used Mailchimp email forms before, but for some reason the html form I used for our motorcycle club will not work, I get no confirmation email when I test it and my test address is not added to the list. Anyone have any suggestions? Here is the page:
…I also tried a “General” signup form, and that didn’t work either!


Hi @JeffNY, thanks for posting about the MailChimp issue. It looks like you are using an actual embed form from mailchimp, added to the site using an embed widget.

Here is an alternate method:

I hope this helps!

Cyberdave, Using SeaMonkey I used the “Insert… > HTML…” to put the Mailchimp html code into the page. Which works on other pages I’ve done. I don’t know why it won’t work here, and why even the “General” signup form won’t work either. Which makes me think its a Mailchimp issue. But I don’t see how to get help on the Mailchimp site. But thanks for the reply. Jeff- …oh, and this is for an existing List that already has 132 addresses.

I tried to “Copy just the Form Action URL from the code block MailChimp tells you to copy/paste onto your site”… and got this, without even a form:

I’m totally confused. And usually thats hard to do.

Hi @JeffNY, are you trying to update this form in Webflow and then re-export, or are you trying to edit this html outside of Webflow?

I can only really provide direction regarding a Webflow related item, but at least when I had tried earlier, the form was submitted without any errors, which means that the form was accepted by Mailchimp.

Usually if there is some actual form issues, Mailchimp will complain via scripting error message shown in the console.

The second implementation does not appear to be correct for, as that url is supposed to be used as the Action property for a form as shown in this article:

Thanks in advance


“…which means that the form was accepted by Mailchimp”
…You were not added to the mail List.

Also, I am not sure how the title of my post got changed to “Mailchimp form on exported site not receiving submissions”, but it might not reflect what my problem is. Not sure how it got changed (and I just changed it).

And can I ask a dumb question? What is “Webflow”? The html form code I used on other web pages works, I don’t know why this won’t. Maybe I am on the wrong forum trying to get help with Mailchimp.


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