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Webflow Logo Pack

Hi guys,

Does anyone happen to know where a guy can get the Webflow logo?
For the simple purpose of adding a logo to my online portfolio pointing to the application I use for Web Design.


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Do you need a vector version of the logo?

There are plenty of png / jpg options when you google for it.
Let me know if you need a vector version.

Edit, actually, If you just right click on the Webflow logo on the top left of the screen and hit save, you’ll get a vector version that you can then even recolor.

That would be better, yes.
Vectors are always the best way to work with logos in my opinion.

I noticed that,but unfortunately I’m looking for the “W” only :stuck_out_tongue:

What color would you like? I’ll quickly create it for you.

Since Webflow doesn’t appear to have a exact colour, white please :smiley:

Here you go:

Because the vector is white you’ll only see a blank page. Go to the top left with your mouse, rightclick and hit save as.

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Got it, thanks! :slight_smile:

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