Vector hand drawn arrows

I want to insert a cool-looking arrow. A google search showed there’s a free list of 100+ hand-drawn-style arrows that are vector files here:

How do you insert one of the arrows into the website? Also, how do you change the colour of the arrow so that it’s the exact same shade of blue that the rest of my website has as its theme?

You are going to need to download the arrow and get it into a vector program like Illustrator to change the color (you will need the right kind of file).

To insert into a website, just upload the image and place it as an image or use as a background.

As jdesign said, you’ll need adobe illustrator or another vector program to open the file. Then choose the one you want copy it and paste it into a photoshop document. Then you can change the color to anything you want and then Save For Web as a PNG with transparency at whatever size you want it on the site. Remember for retina displays, make the image double the size you want it. Then you can just upload it like any image.

If any of these are to your liking, they offer a download as PNG option

Good Luck

Thanks kindly. I don’t have Adobe Illustrator but do have the full Sketch 3 program. Does Sketch 3 allow Vector files to inserted? I don’t think Sketch 3 has a “Save For Web” option. Once the changes are made, what file format should the arrow be saved in, and should it be compressed?

If you want it to have background transparency then you need to use a png sketch should be able to do this. Make sure you are exporting at the right size too. Look online at tutorials for this. If this is too complicated, check out the link I posted

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