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Logo in web address

Hi. Would someone kindly please point me in the direction on how to change or create a web address logo?

Hopefully, I using the correct terminology.
For example, when you go to google, you will see that multi-color “G” as you type in the address bar.

Thanks for your help,

Here is my public share link:

Here is what you’re looking for:

Awesome @aaronocampo.

Very much appreciate the help.

John Ron

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I am trying to load a Favicon of 20X20 @ 17kb and it won’t load.

Does anyone know what kb size is allowed.

Same question for Webclips. Tried to load a 20X20 with no luck

My own available tool is the PAINT.

A not-so good looking one was loaded as a Favicon. Size was 3kb.
Thank you

Hello @LongevityCoach,

Webflow needs specific resolutions for the Favicon & Webclip (see image below).

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I don’t have much knowledge about it. But i think aaronocampo shared a nice article on it. With a balanced and well thought-out logo design, it provides an instant introduction to your customers and viewers. A vintage retro style logo design must be unique and exceptional, but not full of creativity. The uniqueness of the logo redleos(.)com/usa/vintage-retro-style-logo-designers/ will make your trademark easily recognizable. It must also be balanced and flexible in terms of design, since it can be easily used in multiple media and different sizes. It must also be effective in colors and in black and white. It can be said that it is the creativity of vintage retro style logo designers. Thanks

You are talking about Favicon. This icon is showed in browser. You have to create favicon for your website.