Webflow Logic Bug?

I am trying to set up a logic flow where

  • a new user account is added webhook is triggered

  • an action is triggered that adds this user to a collection list. I have assigned variables and fallbacks for the collection list fields.

  • an email notification is sent to an admin

The webhook is working and receives the correct information but an issue arises where the data that populates the collection list is the fallback data and not the data from the variables. This has been behaving this way since about 10am yesterday morning. Screenshots below…Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? Please help !!

Screenshot 2024-01-25 154723

HI @testbug be aware that Logic was never finished and is not under further development (WF didn’t announced any notes about logic for several months) and is still in Beta. The recommendations are not use it until official V1 release.

Noted with a big thank you for your response!