Cannot update custom user fields through logic

Hi all!

I have created a logic flow that would update a user once the webflow webhook is called.
However, it doesnt allow me to choose to update custom fields!

These two custom fields are not available:

Looking forward to any help, thanks!

Unfortunately Webflow’s dev team had to make some difficult decisions and re-allocate the developer resources to internal projects, which is why we’re seeing a lot of central-system improvement recently.

In the announcement, Webflow indicated that it will freeze all development on the feature sets for Logic and Memberships and release them as-is, with no further dev planned for the immediate future.

Your best bet is probably to create a wishlist item, but I would not wait for this feature to appear.

To make things a bit more complex, you cannot call the Webflow API directly to update those member records, which means really your only option is to build this particular piece on an external platform like Make or Zapier.

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thank you so much for your answer!
Pretty painful lol - alright, I’ll figure out something.
Thanks :slight_smile: