Webflow Localitazion - Adding a Switcher Button

Hi everyone, I added a sublanguage to my website using Webflow’s new localization feature, but I’m having trouble adding a language switcher button. Can anyone help me with this issue?
Thanks :pray:

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Hi Naor, have you tried the Locales List element?

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Thanks for helping me find the correct element. However, I am unable to access the style panel even though I paid for the localization feature.

Cool. the message you screenshotted says that localized styles are an enterprise feature, so it depends on whether you want to upgrade.

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@Naor_Rozanes switch to your origin language to modify the style panel. e.g. Origin is English , loc pages are French / German etc. You can only edit the styles when you are on the English version unless you are an enterprise user :slight_smile: