Webflow Keeps Getting More “Flash” than Function

Alright, I don’t normally make posts like this but I am growing tired of seeing new flashy features like CSS Grid enhancements that are not even universally browser supported when we are in more desperate need of core CMS functions that people have been asking for since 2016.

Simple wish list items like table fields https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/DESIGNER-I-16, Repeater Fields https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-240, User Logins https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/DESIGNER-I-11, and even CMS Sliders https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-94 for example. These functions are needed on almost every website we build for clients. Sure their are some hacks and workarounds, but none of them are a good user experience. Telling clients to use Zapier or Google Sheets is not a good workflow when editing a page.

Most of the time editors decide on the fly or after a site is completed they want to add a table or maybe even some user protected CMS content area with members.

This is where Webflow fails in my opinion. Development seems to focus on the latest and greatest cutting edge features, and I get that, but we still need some core features to extend the functionality of Webflow and the CMS.

Please, please consider adding some of the features we have all been wanting for years and maybe hold back a bit on adding more “flashy” features. Please Webflow. We need this. Look at what we have all been asking for on the wishlist. That tells the true story on what is needed.

Thanks for listening.
A Webflow fan forever.


I love Webflow folks. Don’t take this post the wrong way. I just think it is time to work on some of these wish list items we all need instead of always focusing on “bleeding edge” features.

@bgarrant, it is true that some of it can be a bit “flashy” as you say, but they are adding these features IMO to ready ourselves for when they become more readily available.

As for the examples you provided, I do AGREE those are needed for everyday projects. I do know more engineers are being added weekly and monthly and hopefully these issues/concerns can be met in the near future.

Some of the other smaller features are being added everyday it seems like. Especially every morning or afternoon when I wake up, some little feature from the wishlist has been added.

Keep up the pushback, we all need to be strong and continue to fight the good fight for our wants/needs.

Thanks Brandon. You got it. We just really need to start working out these wishlist items that are so desperately needed. Just a handful of these would make Webflow appealing to so many more people that have to export sites. Let’s take it to the next level!

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I can say that as a designer-first, I am way more excited for a “flashy” feature than a table or a slider feature :sweat_smile: But that may not always be practical outlook so I understand your frustration.

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I hear ya. I have many, many sites I plan to rebuild in webflow at some point if it can handle them. Without things like a simple table field it makes it very hard to do so. We don’t just build marketing sites so our needs may be a bit more on the CMS side of things than some others. These features I mentioned are in the core of almost any other CMS though.

@bgarrant, I just received an email with regards to table function. Check out the admin post on that Wishlist feed, if you havent already seen it!!!

Just filled out the form. A table field would be great!

Sounds good. I’m gonna go through the list again and see if any others really apply!