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Create Tables in Webflow

Hey there,

right now I’d need to use a table on a web page. When do you plan to implement this feature?
I don’t want to code it myself as I need to put a lot of text fields inside which should be styled w/ Webflow.

Thanks :smiley:


I’m adding my voice to this topic, I do too need tables.

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+1, tables would be a really cool feature.

+1 Long overdue. Cause to ask, is webflow is in development? It’s nearly six months now without any major feature release.

Oh yes, it’s in development… 2015 is supposed to be a year full of updates that will “rock our socks off”. Nobody knows what’s coming next or when, but something is coming…



Keep your comments constructive. Nothing is “due”, nothing is late and by hanging out here you can feel how alive this whole thing is.

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I’m sorry @vincent , but I have to be a bit realistic about the WF-development as well and go with @topelovely .

Sure, the WF team is working hard, and something big is coming. Probably. But from my viewpoint, there is too little communication about the what and how. I’m tracking the story from September last year about CMS-functionality, and the mentioning of hopefully a nice present for christmas. Then at the beginning of December a notice that the new webflow wasn’t coming in 2014. Then the new years eve newsletter mentioning something big. And that’s nearly 1,5 month ago now. So, in all, I’m kind of waiting for something for almost half a year now.

Don’t get me wrong. I love WF. And I’m sure @topelovely does too. But I’m checking nearly everyday what that new functionality is going to be, because of current clients that either need a Wordpress or any other CMS, whilst I’d rather build them their own custom designed webpage with a lighweight but functional WF-CMS. And since the verdict about time and all is staying out, I’m seriously considering alternatives. It would be nice if the WF-team picked these signals up, and have some information exchange with their users to give them a little more than a big promise.

On topic: yes, I desire table functionality as well. And if we’re proposing tables, may i suggest charts as well? :smiley:


Charts will be nice one too. i know the WF team can weave it in like a widget.

Worked around this today by embedding a spreadsheet from Google docs: Worked well for my purpose though I didn’t care for not making it responsive. The clock ticks mercilessly.