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Webflow.js displaying popup at page load

I am having a issue. I exported my code and now have a popup that says:
Oops! This page has a form that is powered by webflow, but important code was removed that is required to make the form work.

Please contact support.

Hi @jthomas29, do you know if you removed the data-wf-site attribute from your <html> element after you exported? If you have Webflow-linked forms on your page, this attribute is required.

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Thanks! I figured since I exported my code and using on my own hosting that I didn’t want anything going back to Webflow.

Jeremy, that’s totally fine. Forms will be connected to the Webflow servers even after export. There’s no other way to capture and store the form data. If you add a custom action (ex: form submissions go to mailchimp list) then the form will not be linked to Webflow and that code can be removed.

Hope this helps!