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Data-wf-page - data-wfe-site attributes

This message started appearing when I removed the data-wf-page and data-wf-site attributes values.


This is on an exported / self-hosted site.

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Hey @Revolution!

Webflow uses data-wf-page/site to match the exported website with Webflow Project. During export Webflow knows you have used Webflow Forms, and to make sure they are working, even on exported website, we add a JS part responsible for handling forms to the webflow.js file.

So, if the data-wf-page/site is not present, the build() function can’t kick in properly and throws the error. Now, there are few things you can do:

  1. If you want to keep the form functionality, you need to bring back the attributes to html tag,
  2. If you don’t wan’t to keep the form functionality, you need to manually modify the webflow.js code, but to that point we can’t help you due as stated in our Statement of Support here: https://help.webflow.com/contact#statement-of-support

Let us know what’s your pick (or maybe you’ve got a different idea that you want to share :slight_smile: ) and if we can help you further on this topic.



thanks. I don’t need Webflow Form functionality on this particular project
(on some others… yes)

so I went ahead and corrected the issue.

thanks again for the quick reply.

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