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Oops! popup after site export – form/slider issues

Hi. I’m having trouble removing a ‘error’ message – “Oops! This page has a form that is powered by Webflow, but important code was removed that is required to make the form work. Please contact to fix this issue.”

I’ve removed the webflow.js link ( ) which removes the popup but obviously the sliders stop working.

I’ve had a look all through the forums and the closest post to my issue was this one: Responsive slider, after trying out nobleox’s suggestion, the slideshows (the top one and the testimonial one in the right hand sidebar further down) stop working, and the popup error disappears. Obviously I would like the popup to disappear and the sliders to work.

This is the first time installing a wordpress theme from scratch, so wondering if this is interfering? I have little knowledge of jquery/javascript, and I haven’t removed any code from the html or adjusted anything in webflow.js. Here is the site I’m working on:

I’m planning on implementing webflow into the workflow of all the sites I do in the future, so rectifying this problem will be a huge help to me!

Hi, the reason you are getting the pop up window, is that you are attempting to use the form in such a way that Webflow is to process the form submissions. You have set no Action property up for the form, that specifies which external URL PHP or other file, will be processing the form. When there is no Action property set, then the Webflow.js script assumes you will have Webflow save the form data in Webflow.

When Webflow tries to look up your site to see if it is an active site, it looks at your data-wf-site id:

data-wf-site=“530cebcb99d6f99347837487” (or whatever your site id is on export)

If the script cannot find this element, or if it cannot find your active site in Webflow with that id, then that alert message will be shown. This data-wf-site=“xxx” id is exported with every site, and is an attribute of the HTML element

Please check out the following article about the elements needed in the exported forms, depending on whether you are hosting the forms on Webflow, or from your external server.

Then after reading that info, if you still have questions, let us know.

Adding an ‘action’ worked perfectly, thanks so much! Also thanks for the link about forms, very helpful. Cheers!

the link from the article is not valid.

Please tell me how to avoid this message without adding an action tag, which is not an obligation in html5.
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