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😢 Webflow is using a lot of memory in Chrome

Hello there I’ve the new macbook pro 64 Go ram with 8 Go video and webflow is really slow after 30-45 min of use … how that can it be possible my mac book is running render of video and multi stream video online without any problem…if someone have any solution, that could be so nice. thanks

  • every software updated

Large projects definitely slow down even the beefiest machines and unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of fixes. Chrome itself isn’t the best at managing RAM, so it’s not uncommon for normal browsing to feel slow if someone has a number of tabs open—but for larger projects it may help to minimize other open tabs.

It may also be a bit of a placebo, but I’ve found that running Webflow through a desktop shortcut seems to help things run more smoothly. I have a shortcut added to my toolbar in Windows 10 and will use that (as opposed to running it within my normal browser window) if I know I’ll be working on bigger projects or for longer periods of time.


I know they’ve mentioned that they’re “doing research” on how to improve the experience (or possibly locate the reason for the slowdown on certain projects) so I’d recommend sending them a help request in the Designer (Question Mark Icon > Help & Feedback > Send us a feedback or help request) so they have more affected projects to look into as they figure out the issue.

If you feel like getting it setup as a shortcut like I mentioned above, you can open your Webflow Dashboard, click the browser menu (three dots), More tools > Create shortcut. Once you’ve got that created, navigate to chrome://apps in your address bar, right-click the newly added shortcut, and the Create shortcuts. Keep in mind it may differ slightly on Mac, but that should give you a good idea if you’re unsure of where to start.

Thanks for the answer I’m working on webflow with no tap and try with different browser, is not from my mac and not from browser… this is a webflow issue at this time I think.

Thanks for all of that detail I will contact them