Webflow is scrambling my text upon publish

Hi this is like the fifth or sixth time that webflow, out of know, scrambles my website!
It happens completely out of the blue, and the worst problem is that the issue appears months later, when visiting the site randomly. I have no idea why it is so unpredictable or what is changing but it is completely unreliable and it has happened before. WHY is this occuring?

This time when my team check the designer, the text is partially scrambled, with halfwords and spaces removed. We then fixed the text, and re-published, and straight away it is STILL SCRAMBLED. What on earth is the problem?

A month back we looked at our website, and we had a Image randomly applied as a background to a Section class, that has NEVER had that setting used. What is going on? And how can we rely on this, when Webflow screwballs our website, with ZERO notice. This kind of thing makes us look like idiots in front of potential customers.

This isn’t the first or second time. Literally upwards of 5, and it makes myself and my team feel like we’re going mad whenever we come across this random mess that occurs. Please tell us what the problem is. When the problem is fixed. Can you notify us if this glitch is manifested again by code updates to Webflow, or whatever the heck this is??? It is not acceptable.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/earthli?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=earthli&preview=6db6ec514eb337e8c820203d8b686789&pageId=619db9d350307d1e92723eea&workflow=preview&fbclid=IwAR2uD2_oxxg3C5ziFzrtSisViBO9peZWCQnHm1U9dOjxxckyUfJ_hqOBN-I

Which words are being scrambled? It looks fine right now. Is it on certain browsers?

Nope - we tested it on Firefox and Chrome. Text editing sporadically deletes, types in Insert Mode, and Backspace & Delete key delete/rearrange chunks of words. It is something seriously wrong… We can no longer edit the text in the site.

Interesting. Do you copy and paste text into your Webflow project? Have you tried using a rich text block instead?