Pixelated/shadowed text issue?

I’m having a strange issue with my site and I’m not sure if its on my end or if its something with my website design. When I’m in the editor, it has no issues. When I go to the live site, that’s when I run into problems.

The text will randomly look pixelated and have a black background as if it’s highlighted. This persists unless I highlight the text or switch tabs then come back. Also, after it resolves itself, if I start scrolling, another area will do it. It seems random - could be a title, an entire paragraph, sometimes a single word or sentence, etc.

Any ideas on this? Screenshot posted below.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Still facing this issue, and I have confirmed its not just happening to me on my pc, but others have seen it as well. I’m at a loss, any advice or thoughts on this?

Found out its less noticeable on edge than chrome, chrome is what i was using in the screenshot.

Edit: found out it was the scroll into view effects causing the problem. Not sure why though but after deleting the effects the font isn’t have the issue but now my site is less interactive while scrolling :frowning: