strange errors occur when editing text

In the last few days I have had many instances where strange errors occur when editing text. Mostly what happens is that I try to change text or delete text and the word or parts of the word next to those disappear. Another thing that happens is that the spacebar has no effect anymore and all my text input deletes other words.

It’s incredibly unpredictable and therefore hard to reproduce. I hope that with this post, someone will come forward who has the same problem.

Also, super often I just can’t select random things or something.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Hermes Website)
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I think the text issues are happening for as long as I’m using Webflow, like since 2014.
Text editing is one challenge for Webflow devs. Copy and paste is another challenge, maysbe that’s linked. Anyway, that’s a core issue.

It never really happened too much to me, I could always find a way for it to not happen or happen less.

You should contact support because maybe they can help, and / or maybe they can tell you how to monitor the issue and provide useful info to them.

What I can say: clean your environment. Download Chrome Canary and make it your Webflow browser. Work inside of it, with the minimum number of extensions. Make sure your whole system is up to date, clean, with enough memory available left.