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Webflow is now free for students (and educators)

Starting today, we’re making Webflow completely free of charge to all students worldwide (annual CMS site plan to be exact)! … and educators can get a free team plan to teach Webflow in their classrooms too!

Learn more about the program and who can apply.


surprising! MAX!
Happy to belong to the Webflow Classroom program!
I have already seen that our students are reapplying for the 100% discount :tada: :tada: :tada:

Max, Have you thought about extending Webflow CMS Free for teachers? (free annual CMS site plan) We have had complications when integrating into our Webflow CMS classes since the current Free version has its limitations!
We will be happy to participate in a new version of the free annual CMS site plan :kissing:
Thank you again! :heart_eyes:

Have you applied for an educator account? :grinning:

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Hi Max!
Yes Sir, I already have an educator account!

This is super cool Max.
Any programs for Startup and Agency?

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Yep! Startups move faster with Webflow