Is Webflow right for me?

I am an elementary teacher.

  1. Are all of the Webflow website plans free to me as a teacher or what plans specifically? If yes, how do I get a free account as a teacher?
  2. Am I able to sell products on the Webflow website I get for free as a teacher?
  3. Do all Webflow websites come with free domain hosting when I get/pay for the plan?
  4. How does renewing my website after 1 year work? Would I pay after 1 year or would it still be free as I am a teacher?
  5. Can PayPal or Square or Stripe be connected to my Webflow website or no? If not, what payment methods can people use on my website?
    Thank you so much!

It looks like the “educator” offer is for people teaching Webflow to their students.