Webflow is adding classes on its own


I have noticed that Webflow is adding classes on its own. Anything that has happened before?

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Can you show us what you’re talking about?

So here is a list of div classes that i have within my project but without any styling. I have not added these on my own, it just gives me new classes. Maybe I’m missing out on something?


Each time that you style an element without giving it a class, Webflow gives it a class automatically. You can then rename the class if you want.

If you want more help you can share your read-only link.

Thanks for you help Vincent! :slight_smile:

Im fully aware of if styling is applied without my own classes, Webflow givs it a class. I have gone trough my whole site and for each element Im selecting i can only see my own classes that i have applied. However, in the class panel I can see many other classes, just like the image i attached earlier.

May I send you a read only link in private?

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This is a feature we launched last year. https://webflow.com/feature/automatic-class-name-generation

Just double click on the class name in the style panel to rename it.

Hope this helps :grin:

Thanks @PixelGeek :slight_smile: I do however still feel uncertain because i have turned “Disable X-ray mode” on in design builder and gone trough all my pages and all divs and classes and can’t find any classes which I have not named myself but in class panel I can see a bunch of classes e.g div234 and so on.

Any toughts?

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