Webflow in Powerpoint


How do you embed a link of Webflow demo in Poweroint to be viewed during presentation?

Thanks in advance!

You cannot embed Webflow into a Powerpoint preso. But you can create a hyperlink from Powerpoint out to a Webflow site. :smile:

If you really want to do this, you can have a look at plugin called LiveWeb

Thank you for your help!

It all went well, though in the end, I received the following:
“Unable to locate the Web Browser ActiveX control”.

So, I’m stuck there…

Good new and Bad news…

Good news is that the first result on Google provided an answer… (here)
Bad news is that you’ll need to edit your registry to (hopefully) make this work. (microsoft’s step by step guide)

Word of warning…The windows registry is a RISKY place to be in as any change made to the wrong key will result in some bad juju for your PC. I highly recommend you DO NOT mess around with this stuff unless you know what you are doing.

Thanks again,

I did see the answer, and unfortunately I don’t have what it takes to experiment…

Again, thank you for your efforts.

My suggestion would be to capture the entire website as a video and embed the video. Been doing that for ages.

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and tell your clients to whip out their phones and be amazed at how responsive your site is! :smile:

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