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Load Dynamic Content (from ppt slides)?

Good Morning,

I have this situation where I have several ppt files (powerpoint) with text content on each of the 250+ slides. I want to be able to load the content of each slide into a iframe/div when the corresponding link is clicked to display that specific text content that was in that slide.

What would be the best way to accomplish this without making a static page for each slides content (250+)? Which would be completely ridiculous. Especially when I’m sure there is an easier solution. Just not sure what I’m actually looking for, in order to do this the way a more advanced/pro coder would. So I’m quite frustrated, and any kind of help/suggestions/advice/direction would be greatly appreciated. My brain’s tired.

Powerpoint exports in HTML right? Maybe consider your whole PPT as a “minisite” you’ll later embed in your webflow site in an iframe. So you have to work all the links within powerpoint beforehand, and maybe start by reducing the page size in order to fit in your WF design. Then export and embed. That means the links to click are also in this minisite.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t have the Powerpoint, and haven’t created anything in it in over 6yrs. I did use Google Drive to open/view it. It allows saving as a PDF (also pptx, jpg, svg, png), which I did. But when trying to convert the PDF to html page in acrobat pro, gives an error every time.

Google Drive lets you view the pptx files as a html page, but not save as one. It does allow publishing for public viewing, but that isn’t even close to being an option. That was my kind of my original plan for this mock up, but that didn’t work. So for now, a lot of copy/pasting and a whole lot of trial & error.

Do you have access to a Mac? Keynote is now free, imports PPTs and exports good HTML.

Nope. It’s cool. Appreciate that you took the time to reply. Enjoy.

Why don’t you upload your powerpoint to something like Slideshare and then embed it into your site? That’s the easiest+fastest+cheapest solution.