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Adding word documents and powerpoints

hi guys my question is how can i add word documents and ppt’s to my webflow website? and how can i then make a button to download the document ?

thnks for the help that may come

you need to host those files else where. Like a google drive or dropbox. Then give that file a public link, then put that link in your webflow project =)


thank you for the help pixelgeek :slight_smile:

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I want to add a ppt. Can you walk me thru the steps? I need all the help I can get. The ppt is in my dropbox now. Thanks in advance for your

Ok, i added it to google drive too. How do i get it to Webflow?

How do I give a file a public link?

In dropbox on a mac, you simply mouse over the file you want to share and a share button appears to the right. Click it and it will copy a link to that file to your clipboard so if you were to open a page in page you are working on in webflow for instance you would set up a button or text link etc and paste the link from your clipbaord into where it asks for a link.
I imagine drive is pretty much the same but dont use it. here is a link to do it on the online version Another thing you might like is office online that you can work on power points or word docs etc from any browser online.Just login with your hotmail account and its free and you can share links to projects or work on them with others at the same time too… handi if you use linux in the netbook and osx and win on the h intosh and some other os too… really handy… check it out… I think its still free too. I just logged in and it worked great. Havnt used it for over 1 year. Hope this helps