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Embed video for offline presentation

Can I somehow embed a video in a Webflow presentation I built so it plays even without an online connection?
This is very important for a client I have. I hope anyone has a clear answer for me.

I have read a topic from someone who did HTML5 video conversions (through the $60 EasyHTML5Video app, which seems to do the same as the free Miro Convertor App) and was able to host the video locally through the use of a html widget. It worked after doing an export – but the free version of Webflow doesn’t allow me to do an export so I cannot test it myself. Since this is crucial for me to know before I buy into Webflow I would like to know if someone cracked this problem.

Thanks in advance!

Might be me

Sounds like me

So it should work.

There are two ways. One involves using the HTML5 BACKGROUND VIDEO Webflow widget, the other using custom code to embed an HTML5 video and eventually editing the code you’ll download to point to the local files.

There is a difference between an HTML5 video background and an HTML5 video. The latter shows the entire video at a given size, the former fills an element (DIV) with the video, which—depending on the DIV ratio—can crop the video a little bit. But using the HTML5 Background Video widget is easier as the video will be downloaded with the site and you won’t have to edit the HTML code to make sure the HTML page points to the video file.

If having the video autoplay and loop at the loading of the page is OK for you I suggest you try the widget solution first, as it’s simpler, and if it fits your needs, well great, and if it doesn’t then use the other option.

The other thing you’ll want to check is if the site, once downloaded, really doesn’t need any javascript library hosted online (normally they’ll downloaded too). So you’ll make sure you cut your internet service off and test it offline, after having cleared all the caches from Chrome settings—even better is using a browser you normally don’t use (but clear the caches too).

Also dimension your widget element with the same ratio than your video. If it’s an HD video the ratio is 16:9 so for example dimensions of 320x180 or 640x360 are OK.


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