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Webflow hosting / pricing

(My apologies if this is in the wrong category / there was nothing on plans and pricing)

I’d like to verify if my thoughts are correct, and understand the costs for creating/hosting.

Is it possible to use the starter option (and create up to 2 projects at a time), and then move them to one hosted webflow plan under basic hosting, that is, can I have multiple webpages (domains) hosted under one basic hosting plan ($12/monthly). I am wondering this because it says 100 pages under the basic hosting plan. For me, that could host up to circa 10 webpages.

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Don’t confuse pages with domains with projects. They have completely different terminology/meanings.

No, each project can only have one hosting plan. The hosting plan can be set-up under each individual project’s settings.

Each project can have multiple domains attached to it once a hosting plan has been set-up. However, ALL domains will contain the same content under the project, or redirected to the primary domain, if set/selected/chosen.

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Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.