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I am a bit confused with the Webflow pricing

I am a bit confused with the Webflow pricing. If I want to create a simple coming soon page in webflow and then host it with WF, what is the cheapest option? Can I use a free plan to build the page and then add the basic hosting plan to it?

@Josef great question!

The answer is yes! If you’re building a one page landing page you should be able to build it with the free plan and only purchase a site plan (hosting plan). Basic hosting is $15 a month or averages out to $12 a month if paid for annually.

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If i pay hosting will the Webflow logo be shown on the site or I can switch it off?
And one more question. It’s written that I can have up to 2 Projects in the free plan. I would like to host another website using one of the WF templates. Will I be able do it with the free plan?

@Josef Yes with hosting plan the Webflow logo will be hidden.
Regarding the additional template, I don’t think you can do that with the free plan in addition to the 2 projects you already have at your disposal. A staff might want to confirm that.

Thx for the answer. I mean, I will only have 2 projects all in all. Most importantly the Webflow label will be hidden if I purchase the hosting plan for 15$!