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Can you manage multiple projects/clients under one hosting plan

Hi, I am a newbee to Webflow and am considering purchasing the hosting plan.

With my current hosting provider I have a primary domain, and then I have all of the websites I have designed for my clients as subdomains under that same hosting plan. I think I have it setup so the subdomains redirect to the domains of my client’s website.

Can I do this same thing with the Webflow hosting? What I want to avoid is needing separate hosting for each of my client’s website. Would be great if I can purchase one hosting plan where all my clients websites live under, and I can use client billing to bill them each month. Is that possible?

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Hello @Denialorcoped

With Webflow you will need a hosting plan for each project.

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So with the 10 websites I am hosting for my clients on my other server, if I want to redesign them in Webflow it will cost me $120/mo without any CMS functionality to host them? I pay $120/yr for my current server and I can host as many websites as I want using subdomains for my client’s websites.
Wow, that’s disappointing. Offering cheap or even free hosting cost to my clients was a huge selling point and if I use Webflow I now have to sell them to pay a monthly cost or eat the cost myself

You can design the sites and export the code.

I understand your point, but Webflow has many things to offer. The hosting is fast and secure. The CMS is amazing and clients can edit or add content very easily. I’m using only WF and clients love it! Usually I charge them 30$ per month for hosting and some basic support. I’m also mentioning that the monthly plan includes a CMS system like no other.

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I know there’s much better features with WB. The pricing structure though makes it difficult for freelancers to scale up. I’m not a salesperson and selling CMS features to my clients is a hard sell. If I’m able to sell that to one client with white labeling I also have to pay $35/mo. Geez!

Some of us have no problem with the pricing model and are willing to pay for the features and performance. If I can build a custom site in half the time it normally takes and charge a fixed fee I am way ahead. Plus I don’t need to support it, patch it, fix it. I get to just use it. :slight_smile:


I’m curious why the “Wishlist” item here seems to indicate that there IS a multi-site deal of some kind, but it leads to a dead link… Multiple Site Hosting in ONE Plan | Webflow Wishlist

Anyone have any background on what the “solution” really was that would make it correct to say this feature was “shipped”…?

@SarahB Feature does not exist. This wishlist item’s response is incorrect.

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