Webflow Google Maps map without loading Google fonts

Hello everyone,

I’m currently in the process of updating all my websites from using Google Webfonts to installing them manually and hosting the fonts via Webflow. Each day I find a new challenge in matter of this topic, today I have the following problem: I have a few websites, where I’m using the map element from webflow. The problem is, when using this element, google webfonts are loaded when accessing the website (see screenshot). Now I’m wondering what’s the best way to solve this problem. Has anyone an idea how to use google maps with preventing google webfonts from being loaded? Other APIs that are fulfilling the german privacy standard are often complex to integrate, so my exit strategy would be to just take a screenshot from the map and link the location on google maps.

I would appreciate any kind of help - thank you!

(Without the map, there is no issue)

Best Regards

I would be very surprised if Google maps did not use Google fonts. That said, with the expanded GDPR restrictions in IP-address transmission, I’d assume Google maps is a no-go anyway?

As an overall strategy, I’d take the “comply-now and then wait-for-a-better-solution” approach. I’d replace the map with a static image for the short-term, and then wait for the German tech community to provide a Google maps solution through proxies, which will meet the GDPR restrictions in IP transmission.