Pre-installed Fonts and European GDPR

Hi there,

A few months ago, there was a court ruling in Germany that explicitly declared the use of Google Fonts via Remote now illegal. Before that, it was more or less a “gray area”.

I have now switched to locally hosted fonts on the first of my websites:

However, when checking, it is still criticized that there is communication with the Google Fonts server:

Because of the pre-installed fonts, is there any general communication between Webflow websites and the Google Fonts server?

How can I fix this? This is a very serious issue.

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The ubuntu font is being loaded from Google, not Webflow servers.

Hi Jeff,

Many thanks! :+1: Is there a way to locate the font? I found it. It was a part in the collection lists. Bit I can imagine this could be more often the case when I have to transfer to local fonts.

I usually search the CSS for the affending font name which indicates the classes where it was chosen.

Many thanks! :+1: That will help!

@webdev : One more question: Another Website:

I removed all Google Fonts and I did not found any Google Font. But If I check, I get reported these fonts are loaded:

But I do not find them in my classes. So how can I search the CSS file for?

I am so sorry, but this is a really taff issue for me… :see_no_evil:

@MHGRAFIKDESIGN - I checked and that font is not being loaded by my browser. Maybe you are looking at a cached result.

Hi Jeff,

I could identify the problem: Google ReCaptcha used the font for the privacy links in the box. :man_facepalming:

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Ahh, that makes sense. I have my browser configured to block all tracking scripts.