Webflow + google ads policy violation

Hello everyone,

I got my google ads account suspended because of these policies: “Circumventing systems” and “Malicious software”. The only ads that got that warning were pointing to my webflow site: Plan de salud integral and Programa para bajar colesterol y triglicéridos

I tried to search for more info about this but the posts related to google ads in this forum are deleted: Google search

Do the posts are deleted on purpose? I just want to recover my google ad account and see what people had to say

Has anyone got these warnings and how do they fix them?


Open a ticket with Webflow support is my suggestion.

Were you able to resolve this? I am having the same issue.

This has also happened to me with my account being suspended. This is ridiculous I never had any of these issues using wordpress. Webflow should address this issue.

Did you get a reply on this issue @rlopezc ?

My account also got suspended for ‘Circumventing systems’. Has anyone been able to solve this?

I’m receiving the same “Circumventing systems” systems policy violation in google adwords, unfortunately i’m unable to find anymore detail on what exactly has caused that but given I just have a basic landing page + the fact other people have stumbled on it, it seems a webflow issue, i’ve lodged a support request with webflow but haven’t heard anything back in 7 days, this is poor service for paying customers

I had this happen on more than a couple client sites and determined the only way to solve the issue was to move those projects off Webflow hosting. Drastic but the clients are happy now.

Where did you move them to? How did you handle clients being able to edit the content easily without Webflow?

@Gleb_Tuzhilin - Astro.build /with Tina CMS makes for a great combo when clients want to edit content. If you want one tool to handle it all then I strongly recommend Statamic.