Webflow + google ads policy violation

Hello everyone,

I got my google ads account suspended because of these policies: “Circumventing systems” and “Malicious software”. The only ads that got that warning were pointing to my webflow site: Plan de salud integral and Programa para bajar colesterol y triglicéridos

I tried to search for more info about this but the posts related to google ads in this forum are deleted: Google search

Do the posts are deleted on purpose? I just want to recover my google ad account and see what people had to say

Has anyone got these warnings and how do they fix them?


Open a ticket with Webflow support is my suggestion.

Were you able to resolve this? I am having the same issue.

This has also happened to me with my account being suspended. This is ridiculous I never had any of these issues using wordpress. Webflow should address this issue.

Did you get a reply on this issue @rlopezc ?

My account also got suspended for ‘Circumventing systems’. Has anyone been able to solve this?