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Google ads rejecting my Webflow sites

Hi All,

Wanted to know if anyone here is running Google Ads to a Webflow site?

I seem to keep getting my ads rejected when I am sending the Google Ads traffic to one of my Webflow sites (when I run the traffic to another non-Webflow site it seems to work fine). Google is saying that I have ‘malicious or unwanted software’ on my site. I suspect its something in the code on the Webflow sites that Google doesn’t like but I can’t seem to track it down. Was wondering if anyone has run into a similar problem?

I’ve run a few virus checks but can’t find anything suspicious. One scan said that the problem may be the following script…

But not sure what this is? My site is

Ive had the same problem on other webflow sites as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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I am not running ads, but I will be. This doesn’t sound good. Have you had success before with webflow sites ads?


No unsafe content found. - Contact your the Google Ads team.

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We run Google Ads on our agency website and have no problem with Webflow.


Ok, something weird happened…when I used the webflow sub-domain ( it got approved by Google.

Any ideas why this would happen?

Maybe the site is hosted someplace different and Google doesn’t like where it is hosted?

@LuckyMarketing - Did you contact Google Ads support? That should be your very first step. They money with ads. They can help.

I just get the same message from google. I have been running google ads on my site 12 years and never had this issue. I just update my site to webflow, I hope I get this issue fix quickly as google ads is my main traffic source.

@reddawn - Are you on a custom domain, or a subdomain of

I’m on a custom domain. Host with GoDaddy.

Ok. That is not a webflow issue. That is a Google adwords flagging issue. I would be happy to test the site out for you if you shared the link (you can do it as a PM if you prefer).

This is the link I submit to google

@reddawn - Send google account team this link.

@reddawn - You could also try to rule this script out as an issue. fitProListBuilder. Just remove it from the load and test with G.

Its very odd, I purchased another domain and used that and my site got accepted (nothing else changed). Both the first domain which got rejected and the second domain are from google domains. So i suspect its something to do with the domains rather than content on the site.

Any ideas what the issue could be?

Okay, Thanks for the help.

I switch domain and google approve the ads.

yeah same thing happened to me. which domain provider did you use? Did you purchase the domain through webflow?

The one that got rejected was from GoDaddy which I purchase when I sign up with web flow. The one that got approves I purchase from Namecheap I had it for a while now.

yeah i have had a similar experience. All of the domains NOT purchased through webflow seem to work fine. But some domains purchased through webflow are getting rejected by google ads.

@webdev why do you think this might be?

Yes. If a domain was previously banned or flagged (even a diffferent owner) that could put the domain in the penalty box. Another thing to watch out for is a domain being flagged in the McAfee SiteAdvisor database. I have seen sites that were flagged because of old issues in this database. Very hard to remove a false listing BTW.

Your site shows clean there.