Webflow Banned my clients Site for no Reason

I had completed my clients project logging into her
webflow, like so many other clients.
After Many hours completing the website, she was very happy with the results.
She had CMS site plan on the webflow account.
Suddenly an hour ago suddenly she got a mail that her webflow account was suspended and can’t be login anymore. How I can get her account back.

Howdy and welcome to the community @Addi_Adnan :wave:

I’d recommend reaching out to Webflow Support (if you haven’t already) as most of the folks that are active in the community are just users and can’t do much to assist with things like this.

That said, based on what you said it sounds like the project may have violated Webflow’s Terms of Service — specifically their Acceptable Use Policy:

If we conclude, in our discretion, that you have engaged in activities that violate the letter or spirit of this Acceptable Use Policy, we may, at any time and without notice, remove any User Content, and suspend or terminate your Account or your access to the Service.