Google Ads Suspension For Circumventing Systems

Hey - I run an ad agency and one of my clients recently updated their site on webflow.

Before the update, we haven’t had any issues and have been running ads for years.

Since the update, all of our ads are disapproved for the following reason:

Circumventing systems

Practices that interfere with Google’s ad systems aren’t allowed, including manipulating or misspelling prohibited words or trademark terms in ad content. Read the policy

Literally, nothing has changed for the ads and we cannot figure out what is going on.

I have seen other posts referencing the same issue but I don’t see any resolutions. Any ideas?

Please help!

@webdev It looks like you helped someone in the past. Were you ever able to figure out the issue?

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@Lane_George - I believe this is an error related to Google struggling with Webflow’s architecture. I had this happen to a client once resulting in a significant revenue loss. I immediately moved them off Webflow. Honestly I don’t do PPC on Webflow hosted sites anymore as I have more granular control elsewhere. If your spend is enough with G you should reach out to your account exec to get assistance. I don’t think this issue is addressable with Webflow support but I could be wrong.


What do you mean Google is struggling with Webflow’s architecture?

@Kevin_Mooney - Incorrectly flagging sites for issues that have none indicates that Google is probably reacting to other sites data and associating it with the wrong site(s). I validated all the html served and there was ZERO content that could have been flagged.

The only other possibility that I can think of is Webflow leaked other site data. Don’t have any other explanation. I do know that it has not happened to any of the sites I host and I have been hosting sites since the late 90’s.

@webdev – Interesting. Thank you for sharing, I’m always looking to understand some of these deeper issues.

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