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Webflow Form Not Working


I recently launched a website using the Webflow platform. However, every time I attempt to complete one of the forms on the site, I receive an error message. Also, I’m unable to add a ‘reCAPTCHA’ element too the form, as it states there’s already one present.

Could some please advise how I can resolve these issues, as I’ve tried everything.

Hey @thepulserooms , what error do you see? Can you please provide a link to the published site so we I could test the form for you too?


At the moment, I just receive the standard error message associated with the form stating that something has gone wrong.

Please find below a link to the published site. There are forms on both pages linked below.

Hey @thepulserooms , I am just confirming that under project settings > forms > you have an email address setup for the form data to be sent to?

Yes, that has been set up

Could try and disable captcha and test your form please?

That appears to have done the trick.

How can I add captcha back in though, as when I try to add the button to the form block I receive the following message:

Form cannot have more than one reCAPTCHA.

Hey @thepulserooms , that seems a bit weird as I was able to add the captcha button when I was in your read only link.

I would recommend trying it in incognito mode or a different browser to avoid cache issues interfering with your design.

Tried that workaround, but sadly it still wouldn’t allow me to add a captcha button. Any other suggestions?

Hey @thepulserooms , I see the error when you drag the captcha into the Form Grid directly.

My workaround was to add it within the Navigator Panel instead and you are then able to at least place the captcha. After that feel free to move it around.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 2.24.05 PM

i am also facing same problem, how can i solve this?

I am having the exact same problem.

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