New form won't work

I’ve been trying to add a new form to a page on my company’s website. It’s placed at the top of the page and is just a name and email form with the submit button. However, everytime I try and submit a form to test it out, it always comes up as ‘Failed’. There are two other contact forms on the site, one a general one and one a more specific one, and they both work fine.

If you want to look at it, the webflow page is below. Go into the pages and look for a folder titled ‘Products’. The page is titled “Custom CRM Development”
Also, here’s a link to the test site

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]
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Hi @design_by_shane, thanks for your question.

After some further review I see your what you are referring to. I do not see any major issues in your form information.

Lets see is @Brando, @PixelGeek, or @matthewpmunger have any thoughts as to this issue?

@QA_Brandon that’s weird. Thanks for looking at it. I’ll wait and see what the others have to say.

Hi, @design_by_shane!

I jumped in to take a look and I think I’ve spotted the issue. In the “Forms” tab of your project settings you have reCAPTCHA enabled.


When reCAPTCHA is enabled, you need to add a reCAPTCHA element to every form on your site. To solve this, you’ll need to add in your reCAPTCHA keys along with the element. Or, you can simply turn this feature off. Either option will fix this form for you!

Let me know if you need anything else! :webflow_heart:

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@rileyrichter thank you so much! It works perfectly now. Definitely something I’ll remember to check next time I’m working with a form.

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Hi, @design_by_shane! So glad to hear that resolved the issue! :smiley: :webflow_heart:

Don’t hesitate to post again if you run into any other issues!

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