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Webflow form issues! - Please Assist

Hi guys,

I have noticed a number of posts on a similar issue, but it seems that no one on the wp team wants/has been able to really look into it.

Firstly, I am exporting my site to host on an AWS bucket. My client is a caravan park and needs booking functionality which I am executing through Webflow Forms. I guess I have 3 main queries regarding these forms that will hopefully reduce stress levels.

  1. There is an unsubscribe option from the forms, I really don’t want this as my client might accidentally unsubscribe resulting in lost bookings - obv a hugeeeee liablity. How can I remove this unsubscribe option, there is never a reason she would want to block emails…

  2. How well will these forms work once exported onto a static bucket for hosting. It seems to work but I am not sure how oO, does it work based on having the project under my account? If I deleted the project would this no longer work?

  3. This one’s minor as I havnt looked deep into it, but whats the best way to allow for the reply function in gmail from a form to reply to the person who entered the form and not to the forms owner.

Thanks for any help!

community members are obviously unable to help with changing how the forms work. If you require urgent support, please email Webflow directly:, don’t forget to post the resolution here!

The project still has to be active in your account. If it is deleted for any reason, the default form submissions will go nowhere (users will see form error state). How many free form submissions are tied to account/project plan. See existing answers in the forum for more detailed advice.


Hey Sam,

Thanks for getting back to me! I guess I’ll contact support regarding the issue with unsubscribing from the email. But that might change entirely now that I hear there are form limits oO I wasn’t aware of these, how many is it limited to on exported site. I have a pro account with hosting on one of my websites. I’ve also asked support this also


Limits before you have to pay can be found here [List] Feature Availability & Limits

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