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Need Form script for remote server

Yes, I’m going to export the site from Webflow and break the link with the site project.
And, oh, how I like the Webflow forms!
That’s a pity, I utterly null in mail server stuff. I just want my emails reach for the mailbox. ))
With all the variants of required fields and the ability to change the language of notifications.

Can anybody help?

Writing a server script would be way more complicated than you want it to be. Try JotForm, it’s a nice service that offers everything you need. You can send different e-mails to different people depending on the user’s input in the form fields, etc…

They have a free plan which is more than enough for most people, and the paid plans are priced very reasonably. I would recommend you to check it out before trying to build an actual serverside system, it might save you a lot of time and money.

Thank for advise. They have 100 max submissions per month on a free plan.
I am currently using this stuff - with completely unlimited submissions! But, well, with zero support.