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Creating HTML Emails with a "designer"

Hey guys. Does anyone here know if there exists an app that would be like Webflow, which would allow you to design html emails visually and that can produce semantic code that’s exportable and work across all clients?

Or is this dream only in my head? :slight_smile:


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Great question.

I use

You can use it for free without the capability of saving templates:

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Thanks Micah. I’ll check it out. But I would certainly need to be able to save the template and import it into mailchimp. Well, maybe someone will get crazy and invent something like this one day :slight_smile:

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Oh no problem, @bellybuckle.

Yes, you can save the template and import it into Mailchimp with their paid plan:

I believe it is $10/mo, and they have a free trial if you just want to test it out.

Having the templates is how they hooked me too lol :blush:

Hi @bellybuckle @micahryanhtml

It is 18 months ago since I last looked at this, but CoffeeCup software have an email designer:

I’ve not used it so can’t vouch for it - but they have a very quick customer support team for any Q’s.

Hope that helps


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Hey micahryantml and StuM.

Thanks to both of you for replying! Cool. I will look into both of these!


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