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Tool for creating email templates

Hey Community,

do you know a good tool to create responsive email templates, that can be exported to use in a esp as example?


Mail chimp has a bunch of templates to start with.

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Hey Maurice, we develop a software that build responsive templates for your emails and export them so you can you wherever you want. Plus, your recipients will display it exactly as you built it :slight_smile:
If you’re interested you can try it for free by downloading it here:

Hope that this will help!

Hey @MailStyler,

that sound not bad. Can I create Templates with your app? And can I define something like symbols in Webflow?
So for example in every newsletter I have the same footer and now I will change them. Can I edit a single instance of the footer or do I have to edit every newsletter that includes the footer?

Edit: But I see on your homepage you have no native MacApp. Thats pretty bad, than installing parallels desktop or use BootCamp is no solution for our company.


I understand your point but for the time being, MailStyler is a Windows-only app. Maybe we’ll ping you back in case we develop a macOS version :slight_smile:

Hey @Filipa,

thank you. This looks great for our needs.
It has a symbol function, too. If I change a symbol like the footer, will the changes take affect in every instance?


Hey @Maurice, you could try this tool I’ve never used it but it looks interesting, also looks like a open source clone of Webflow, but lets you create emails too :slight_smile:

Hey @mattbrant1981,

this looks very interesting, too, but I believe there are no options for symbols.

Hi @Maurice; I don’t know, but you can download a free trial and test it out.

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