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Webflow feedback regarding support and ticketing

I was on the last Webflow community update a few days ago. It was great to hear that Webflow is planning on providing “proper” support to it’s users and plan to roll out 24/7 support eventually. I think after the membership feature, it was one of the best pieces of news that came out of that session because customer support right now is terrible.

This is feedback for Webflow team/management. Please get rid of that chat but. It’s super annoying, and it ends up making customers like me more frustrated. So, even if they did not begin being unhappy, by the time they finish with that chat bot, they are basically building up resentment. That’s just my opinion as a fan of Webflow.

I get that you are trying to reduce support tickets by using that Chatbot, but I find it super frustrating. Until the new support team members are hired etc, it may be just good to have a simple support ticket form and give customers realistic expectations. So, if I know for the moment the turnaround maybe 2 days as an example (and I am told from the outset), if it’s explained to me, I can live with it, even if I don’t like it.

But if I get one of these bots, which after a while gives you no idea if a ticket has been raised, and doesn’t send you a copy of the ticket, then you have no idea, and you get frustrated.

I know based on using the Bot in the past, it normally raises a ticket. But you as a user don’t always know that as a ticket number is not created.

Anyway, that’s just my feedback as a user of Webflow support. Please think about it as I find it super frustrating. Thanks.

I was on the last

Why they don’t use a transparent help desk ticketing system like Zendesk is beyond me.