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Remove absolutely useless Chat Bot

Am I missing something or is there really NO WAY for a PAYING customer to get in contact with a HUMAN at webflow if you do not live in the “PT” (whatever time zone that may be, this is btw super-American to think the rest of the world lives by timezones).

The Support Page only offers a Chat Bot who does not understand ANYTHING I ask. There is no place to simply fill in a contact form.

Then I start writing a Bug ticket here in the forum (where I apparently cannot use my normal webflow account and have to register again), and the forum’s “AI” tells me that this is not the place to raise a bug. Where the F… can I raise a bug then??? I have spent hours searching. Super-bad Customer Experience!

I just need help with the fact that no invoices are getting sent to my email address, and I always have to download them manually from the Webflow Interface. This is tedious and causes additional work for us.

Hey @franzdrobny, there should be a form you can fill out on the Webflow support page, unless they have removed this recently.

But failing that, you can email support directly via -

Thanks. There is no form. That email address is also mentioned nowhere. Webflow is so in love with AI that they forget how poorly Chatbots still work in practice.

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I agree. This is shockingly bad. I have a client with a team account and 10 projects so far, so a lot of money being spent and I can’t contact anyone with a serious editor access issue.

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