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WebFlow Feedback (My trial experience)

Hey, so my 14 day trial recently ended and WebFlow is awesome so I’ve purchased the personal plan! \o/

Anyway, I figured I’d list some of my thoughts on WebFlow from during my trial period:

  • Took me a while to get started as I couldn’t use the styles tab until
    I disabled my ScriptSafe Chrome extension (classes weren’t being
    added when enter was pressed) Mentioning this in case others come
    across the same problem.

  • When “classes” box under Styles tab is focused, you should be able to
    click on another element to add it’s current style (including nested styles)

  • Chrome Fullscreen F11 support would be awesome (not zoom)

  • Search bar for styles tab

  • “Disable” option for each Form state (quicker and easier than replacing elements for each
    state for each form)

  • Form “Placeholder text” colour change is not currently in WF UI

  • Dimension options should default to % (responsive-friendly) OR have
    an option that makes them default. (faster workflow)

  • Images: option to pick from available/already uploaded images (or at least remove duplicates on export)


  • Would be nice if steps settings could be copied or added from First
    Click to Second Click etc. (quicker than creating )

  • Nested classes (last spoken of 3 months ago, any progress?)

  • Ability to disable (not delete) steps (so we can test while not having to recreate them)

  • New Step ability: Change slider to specified slide/Change tab to specified tab

Sorry if any of these have been mentioned already/are being worked on! :blush:


Nice list. I’d like to see all of that too. Especially:


I recently read here that an images manager was in the work, or planned. It just makes sense.

It seems you’ve played a lot with interactions.

So, in the end, are you jumping in?

Indeed, I am!

I’ve tried and used other web services - wix, weebly, webs etc. and the visual kind, Adobe Muse etc. - but none of them have the design + backend freedom that creating your own HTML/CSS has, while Muse produces virtually unreadable code and has some severe limitations (text rendering as images, small library of web fonts to choose from, screen reader unfriendly)

WebFlow is by far the best website creation tool I’ve used/seen!

Good to know an images manager is being worked on!

yepper, I tried them all too, and I mean all, went all the way to page 15 searches on top 3 search engines, downloaded or signed up to everything out there, blew a few hundred dollars buying a couple so I could really try to create a site and the stuff ranges from pure fraud ( they do not work and never will ) to the type reviews you gave above … Webflow is solid stuff and I can go to work and build a clean coded fully responsive fluid site that really works and looks good … thank you Webflow or it would have been a nightmare bringing all my sites over into RWD.

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Who are you, my twin brother? :smiley: I seriously, seriously put some money and work into this too. Ah if we could get a coffee together laughing (and I mean crying) over our Macaw or Reflow experiences… Then we would read some Muse code, you know, just for the lols.

My Webflow epiphany took place last April, I was so glad about the tool.


One more request: a button to hide the blue selection borders that appear when an element is clicked. It kind of interferes with the complete look of the site while trying out different colours.

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I’ve pretty much tried them all too, and wasted a lot of money. Just curious, did you ever hear of or use Sitegrinder? Oh. my. god. at the amount of time and money I wasted on that. It was a plugin that took photoshop designs and made them websites. I can’t tell you how many glitches and other issues (such as user error because the damn thing was so friggin’ confusing). You had to use “hints” and it would render the site and code. They recently went out of business but I can’t believe I didn’t give up on it earlier.

I believe (and I’m not just saying this) that webflow is the best that I’ve used. Sure, it lacks some things we desperately need but at least they are working on lots of new things so that it exciting and reassuring.

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The name looks familiar, but I’ve never properly used the PS plugins in that domain.

For me, it’s even simpler: Webflow is the only one that delivers. I’d like to say “the only one that delivers good code” but that’s not even needed, I couldn’t produce production code with any of the others… And yeah on top of being the only one that can, it’s great (:

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Excellent list. I’d like to second a little more control over form details like colours for all states - including prefill.

nested styles!

And CMS - definitely my most wanted feature! Will make this tool even more amazing.