Webflow external database synching tool

I’m building a tool that allows you to sync external SQL database (e.g. MySQL, Postgres, etc.) with Webflow CMS.

This allows you to have a client’s old website and new Webflow website run in parallel with the same data (while you rebuild the website in Webflow).

Would such a tool be interesting to you?


Absolutely. I’m looking for something like this myself, since I’m working on a site that has more than 10k blog posts, and I need to keep some of them on the old site and keep that running at the same time - while also move articles back to the old server when the Webflow CMS is full.

Yep - I’m interested in this.

Hi Emile,
Has your Weblow-Database project been finalized yet ?

I have an instance of such a tool running in production, but it’s not productised or reusable in any way yet (it syncs data between a Postgres database and a Webflow CMS).

Looking forward to it. With Webflow launching Membership feature later this year, your tool would be the one that we need.

I’m interested too !