Port existing databases to Webflow?

Only just started using Webflow and really enjoy it.
When I heard you were bringing out a CMS solution, I thought wow … now I have everything to create sites easily myself.
Yesterday I got the email … CMS is here … yes I thought.
Upon logging in to try it out I was a little sad.

It’s great for people starting out on a new site idea, no previous data etc.
What about us devs who have old style site linked to a database, but wish to use Webflow to create the new slick site and manage the data with your new CMS tool ?

Looks like we are out of luck :frowning:
Will you be adding a feature to hook up to existing databases such as Access, MySQL or SQL etc ?
Once you have this feature, then you are really going somewhere.
Without this, it means I have to design my site, then either go through it again manually adding in my database links or hand it over to someone else to hook up.

Look forward to hearing where you are going with Webflow CMS ?

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