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Webflow Export Code

Hi, can anyone explain how the webflow Export Code works ?
I thought it would Export only HTML, CSS that’s written by the user and the javascript that is written by the Webflow .
But when I downloaded the files there are other files like normalize.css and webflow.css .
I tried my best to not use any of in build webflow tags like slider or navabr , but still I got those files and those files has some Classes and IDs on a lot of HTML tag that I gave class and designed.
So the problem is that later when I wanna redesign and change or add more HTML content to that website , it will become much harder because there are many other classes which I didn’t make it and I don’t know what they do .
My HTML and CSS files I know and I can change things .
Is there anyway to understand those extra CSS files that comes with the exported code ?

Yes, by inspecting it. Normalize does what it sounds like providing for consistent defaults across browsers. The webflow.css contains the base framework used by Webflow which is similar to using something like bootstrap.

@Roya Check the components.css file. That’s where you’ll see a site-wide list of the styles only you created.

Hey bro ,
How to find the component.css file ?
When I Export Code I don’t see any file under this name .

Once you open the exported .zip, you should find it under the CSS folder. What program are you using to open the files? I used Dreamweaver.