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Exporting Code and How to Use IT

Ok so I did not know where to put this question at. So i put it in this Category.

All I am trying to do is export some code and use it in another site as custom code.

The problem is that I opened up the zip file that I got when I exported one page of webflow, that has just a
slider in it. I was making it as a test.

I need to understand what to do with the webflow.js file. Is that a file that is normal javascript, or something that I need to somehow convert it into that?

Also the three css files

  1. gwdt.webflow.css
  2. normalize css
  3. webflow.css

Which one are we suppose to use, say if were not exporting right back into webflow platform. Only thing I know is not to use the webflow.css.

And how come they do not have a normalize.js for like they do for the webflow.css?

Then we got the html file, and its the index.html file, so that means its got all those files above somehow linked to it. How do we seperate it so I only have the html for the slider??

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I know that someone already had a similar question and all they told him was load the file into a browser and edit it on there. That never answered any of the questions we have about the export code.

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Not sure, if I really understand what your question is, but if concerning the slider, you will need to keep the webflow.js, as this is the javascript file for it and surely the other files to keep your structure and design.

If you don’t have coding experiences, it makes no sense to change anything there. Just export it and put it on your hosting destination.

I am not trying to change the code, I just want to know if were suppose to use all three css files, or just the normalize one. Or just the gwdt.webflow.css. What is the difference between the gwdt.webflow.css and the normalize.css?

Hi Manuel,

technically all definitions could also be in one file, but as it is helpful to have some organisation in files, the Webflow team, did this. Means they splitted some things, like the compatibility stuff in normalize.css, for the main definitions webflow.css and the third one as container for your personal styles.

Ergo, you have to use it all, if you want to run your site properly.

Thanks, I will do my best to work with what I have. Appreciate your explanation.

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