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What is it with Component.css?

I noticed a component.css file in my export folder. What is the file for? I uploaded to my server and it affected the styling on my website. Can someone tell me what is meant to do? Thanks.

Companent.css is Webflow.css but with webflow branding turned off.

In your export you will notice classes with a w- at the front. Like w-input on input fields for forms. All of those class settings live in the component.css file.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling:

So if I have webflow.css on my site I should replace it with component.css? Is that the meaning? In the folder export. I have webflow.css and component.css. I don’t think webflow.css would be component.css unbranded, if the two files exist in the file export. There is something confusing here…

Any support person to give clear explanation for this?

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