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Webflow edit background video in Editor

Hi Guys
It seems that background videos can only be updated in Designer which means that when handed over to Editors they cannot update them. Am, I correct in this understanding or can they be updated by Editors? If not can you please add this ability as a double-click edit etc ASAP.

Did you find a solution to this? Having the same issue here.

@WebflowCommunityTeam or do you guys now a solution to this?

Does anyone else know a work around for clients to be able to change a background video?

Hi @kristianb, could using a Collection element with a video link work for your project ?

Hi @Pasint - hmm, I don’t think I can - doesen’t seem I can use the “background video” with an external video link I believe. Will have to upload one specifically in the “Designer” mode.

I looked a bit into this today as I have a project with similar requirements.
I tried to find a solution with Youtube, but it seems you can’t have a Youtube video behave like a background video (so hidding all the information on screen, video suggestions at the end with the “rel”, “showinfo” parameters).

The workaround I found is using Vimeo Pro (which comes at an extra cost). Here’s how you do it:

  1. Add your video on Vimeo an remove all the displayed elements:

  2. Create a Collection in Webflow in which you’ll add a Plain Text field. This field will be used to add the url of your video.

  3. Embed your video like this:

  4. Then you simply need to replace the url of the video with the dynamic element you created in the CMS. It’ll look like this:

And now you can change the video from the CMS.
But the drawback is that your customer needs a Vimeo Pro account, which could be problematic, I know.

It might work with other embeddable video players, like if you’re good at coding a similar setting using Video JS might be possible. But I’m not a Dev, so this is what I managed at my level :slight_smile:

I hope that helps

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That is actually a super nice approach, i’ll see if I can do something similar - thanks!

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Ok. This actually works fine with a distributed Vimeo link. Still it would be really nice with a more dynamic feature inside Webflow - note to @WebflowCommunityTeam

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