Edit the video background individually

Hi everyone !
With my premium template, I can easily customise the image and text on each pages without any problems.

But, when I add the background video into one of my project page. It’s duplicated on all other projects. So each change on the video affects the other pages.
I just want to edit the video background individually for each page.
Can you give me some advice please ?



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Create a rich text field called video and place on your collection template. In the collection item, use that field to “embed” a video as you would in any RTF. This works for placing a video on the page. If you are looking exclusively for a BGV then you need to use custom code an a video url to use as a dynamic element in your HTML video tag.

Thanks Jeff, I success with the html embed method

what should I do to have the same feature as my background video (autoplay, no progress bar and volume…) ?

Hi @fathid I think there is no possibility to add background video from your CMS collections list.

why don’t you try this hack. Can you create an image element instead of a background video element and upload a gif file to it? In this case I think it can be called from a collection item. For each project you can add a gif file in place of the background video? (Suggesting because your bg video doesnt seem to have audio anyways)

Hi Harik
I tried last night to put a gif instead of bg video. It’s worked great

Thanks :))

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