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Is a client supposed to be able to adjust a video in the Editor?"(+ LOOM VIDEO INSIDE)

Because when I hover over my video, I can’t edit a thing. THANKS A MILLION! The video is super short too :slight_smile:

Here’s my read only:
Here’s a loom video:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You mean can the client change the video link in the editor? I’m not sure what happened at one time I think they were, but many of the links are not editable anymore.

The workaround I use is create a collection for videos. And then use a collection list and use an option, switch, or some method to specify or limit what video goes where.

For instance, I deal with Actors a lot and they may have multiple reels but the design calls for one on the main page. So often I use a switch to turn off and on the video. It’s not ideal especially if there are a ton of videos to keep track of. Clients often forget a switch and then have multiple videos show up on the main page. But it allows the client to change their video links themselves in the editor. Maybe someone else has a better workaround for the editor limitations.

Hii Louis, it’s sad that you’re facing problems with your editing. i want to help you too. but the second link you shared with us is not working…i may be able to help if you share the second again.
Regards, Ikkame